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DURUN solid rubber tires for forklift use

DURUN solid rubber tires for forklift use
group name
Resilient Tires
Min Order
10 piece
brand name
6.50-10, 28x9-15, 6.0-9, 7.00-12
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T/T, L/C, PayPal, Cash
update time
Sat, 19 Sep 2020 10:31:11 GMT


  • Color Black & Nor-marking

  • Quality Premium

  • Application Forklift truck

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order10 piece


1.Tear, abrasion, low heat, for long time use.
2. High elastic intermediate rubber
3.High rigidity base rubber


1. Tread wear and tear: Tear, abrasion, low heat, for long time use.
2. High elastic intermediate rubber: reduce internal heat,shock-absorbing, high flexibility , cushioning effect, driving comfort and prolong life.
3.High rigidity base rubber- heighteningthe intensity of bead and improve best fit tire and rim to prevent slippage.
Non-marking tyres
High performance Non-marking tyres with light color colorful rubber compound are designed to operate where clean floors are a priority.
No mark is left on the ground when it is running or braking, especially suitable for the application of enterprises where contamination is strictly prohibited, such as pharmacy, catering trade, textile, electron, aviation, etc. Any sizes of black resilient and press on tires can be make into Non-marking tires.
Size: solid rubber tires 4.00-8 Solid Tire, 15×4½-8 Solid Tire, 5.00-8 Solid Tire, 16×6-8 Solid Tire, 18×7-8 (180/70-8) Solid Tire, 18×7-9 Solid Tire, 6.00-9 Solid Tire, 7.00-9 Solid Tire, 140/55-9 Solid Tire, 21×8-9 (200/75-9) Solid Tire, 18x7-10 Solid Tire, 200/50-10 Solid Tire, 6.50-10 Solid Tire, 23×9-10 Solid Tire, 7.00-12 Solid Tire, 23×10-12 Solid Tire, 8.25-12 Solid Tire, 27×10-12 (250/75-12) Solid Tire, 28*9-15 (8.15-15) (225/70-15) Solid Tire, 250-15 (250/70-15) Solid Tire, 7.00-15 Solid Tire, 7.50-15 Solid Tire, 8.25-15 Solid Tire, 300-15 (315/70-15) Solid Tire, 355/45-15 (28×12.5-15) Solid Tire, 355/65-15(32X12.1-15) Solid Tire, 6.50-16 Solid Tire, 7.50-16 Solid Tire,  9.00-16 Solid Tire, 8.25-20 Solid Tire, 9.00-20 Solid Tire, 10.00-20 Solid Tire, 11.00-20 Solid Tire, 12.00-20 Solid Tire
* Tolerances as Per E.T.R.T.O
* Linde can be made upon requirement.
* Cured-on solid can be made upon requirement.
* Non-marking can be made upon requirement

ATLAPEX Resilient tires are widely used inMaterial Handling industry for electric forklift, balanced forklift.  With the feature of its wide and deep tread for good traction and wear performance, 3 stage construction, for high-elastic and resilient performance, nor-marking available for grey, write, green etc.  ATLAPEX resilient Tires can be used in extreme duty working condition.  Full range forHeli, Hangcha, EP, Toyota, Crown, linde, NOBLIFT, Hyster, STILL, Tailift, Caterpillar /Cat, jungheinrich, BT, BYD etc.